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Do you really need to be on social media? Only if you want to have a 360 degrees’ success. Well it is the most strategic and convenient method of communication (2 ways communication where customers’ can jump into your conversations and be part of a unique community).
If you ever doubted the power of word of mouth, check this out We seriously need to have a ~not so serious~ content that would be user friendly and close to the audience. At the end we are their online buddies and not literature teachers! Or are we? See, each brand has its own online personality and tone of voice. Certain brands need to be funky, others need to be firm. It all goes back to its core values and philosophy

For this we offer:

  • Copy writing and content creation
  • Online content audit
We are strong believers of the famous management consultant Peter Drucker’s statement saying “What gets measured gets managed” this says it all. We’re happy of our “numbers fanatic” staff that enjoy organizing & analyzing insights to cover:

  • Listening Analytics
  • Benchmarking Reports
  • Online Quality Control
  • Media Presence Control & Reporting
Just like chips and dips go together, this is how your online presence should be. One for all and all for one! However, the question remains, can one of these digital platforms survive without the existence of the other?

  • Website development
  • Mobile apps development
  • Social media related apps
  • Online marketing campaigns
Ever played the piano? Neither did we but we think it’s pretty close to these! We need to choose our notes, sub-notes and then adapt to whatever music may be played!

In the case of social media, we need to know where to start our online existence, choose our supporting platforms and proactively dive into the online marketing world

  • Prioritizing platform presence
  • Creating sub-strategy per platform
  • Instant Platform Change adoption

  • We’d love to give you fish but we’d love it more if you were able to fish with us! Transfer of knowledge is an essential factor in our organizational culture. We don’t mind ~at all~ teaching you our social media secrets, and yes, all of them!
  • If you prefer to handle your online presence by yourself, we’re here to be your stepping stone!


  • You got your marketing team all set up and managing your online presence? Yay for you! If, from time to time, you needed some expert opinion and consultant feedback, we’ve got you covered! Don’t worry, we’re not that formal. We love random talks, spontaneous emails and walk-in hangouts! Also, our coffee tastes great! You’re welcome anytime!