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The Good, The Bad, & The Ugly

by admin, May 14, 2016

Things only a social media manager will understand…


If I get a dollar every time, I hear this sentence “So you are telling me you get paid to stay on Facebook the whole time?” I would be filthy rich by now! I am pretty much sure any social media or community manager can relate to this. I mean, let’s face it our job has its own perks, but let us not forget all the things you are unable to explain or express because only a social media manager fellow will understand:


  • Trying to explain your job to your family members

We have all been down this road at some point, eventually after all the attempts and the efforts you put into doing so, a day will come where you will be like … “NEVER MIND, JUST FORGET IT”.


  • When all your efforts to perfect a post go in vain and you get next to nothing engagement

Remember those hours you spent trying to pick the right image with the bright colors, choosing playful and witty words, carefully mixing them with fun, but not too much fun so as to still be able to convey your message … and ended up with Zero engagement? (Be Right Back – Crying)


  • Watching people #who #literally #hashtag #every #single #word #in #a #paragraph #consisting #of … well you get the point

I lost count of times I wished I could grab that person and explain to him that this is not how a hashtag works; please get your information straight before you hashtag the hell out of those poor words!


  • That moment your post gets high number of shares, likes or retweets

You know what I am talking about, that moment you feel like a rock star standing on stage… It is your moment in the sun … Your time to shine. Otherwise known as

“The you are Lucky You Have Me” Moment.


  • The PR nightmare

The name alone can scare the hell out of you! Only a community manager will sympathize with you and secretly wish he would never ever … ever have to stand in your shoes. (EVER)


  • When a client asks you to make his post go viral in a blink of an eye

Yes sure, Give me a second … Let me just grab my magic wand!


  • Realizing you have one of the coolest jobs there is

That alone can help you sleep better at night, happy and at peace.


  • All those times you spend staring at your phone

Well, don’t get me wrong who doesn’t like to spend time chatting and managing a community at a wedding or in a family gathering. I mean yes, sure it gets a little bit lonely but it doesn’t matter, everything is under control (If I don’t find my charger in the next 3 seconds I’m going to…  Never mind, found it)

These are basically the main events of a social media manager’s daily life. Share your experience, if you have something to add.

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