When Kids Asked About Social Media

by admin, July 21, 2015

We wanted to see what kids, below the age of 13, thought social media is. We interviewed 10 kids aged between 7 and 12. The answers were pretty funny, amazing and saddening to a certain extent!

As a side note, all these kids had access to the internet whether from their own mobile phones or personal tablets.

First of all, none of the 10 kids knew what the term “social media” meant, which is understandable. We explained it and here came our surprise.

• All 10 kids had Facebook accounts knowing that Facebook’s minimum age limit is 13. So they, their parents or whoever created their Facebook account faked the kid’s real age.

• 7 out of the 10 children were familiar with Instagram and loved “changing the colors” of their photos; that is using Instagram’s filters. 5 had personal Instagram accounts.

• Twitter was not favorited by any of the kids, maybe because they did not know what to do with “that blue bird” while others mentioned that “It’s for news, my daddy tells me so”

• They all loved YouTube, though their video choices differed from songs, to watching football games, TV series or even cartoons (for the kids aged 7)

We then had one question, why do you use Facebook? Some answers were as below:

• Georgio, aged 11: To see my friends, sometimes they go out without me and I have to know. Could he be the youngest stalker?

• Jad, aged 12: To play games. Mostly Pirates Kings and Candy Crush, but Candy Crush is for kids, I play more Pirates Kings. Candy Crush is for kids, this guy has grown up so fast, at least he thinks so.

• John, aged 10: Because my friends have it, but I think it’s silly to just look at photos. We’ll see about that when you’re 20 little guy

• Leticia, aged only 7 said “Mommy puts my photos so aunty can see them. She is far” Unfortunately, not just aunty sees them little girl.

• Another tough guy, Joseph, aged 10, said “I like poking those I hate.” We get the feeling that he missed what Facebook poking actually means.

• And finally one confident kid, Joe aged 8 said he wanted “to have 1000 friends on Facebook; this means a lot of people love me!” And this little guy is confused about what love actually is.

Parents, what do we get out of this? Do you still think Facebook, Instagram or whatever platform you provide to your kids is healthy? For sure it is entertaining, but truth is, they are too young to be contaminated with all that goes on online. It is OK for them to be up to date with latest technologies, under your control, just don’t help them grow out of their innocent childhood too fast.

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