Welcome Back, Facebook GIFs

by admin, May 29, 2015

If you’re a Facebook addict who uses emojis to send a precise message (and you know what I mean!) you’ll be excited with Facebook’s latest update! GIFs!

Though this long awaited step was released and drastically witnessed a failure 2 years ago, Facebook re-launches now. Well, all we can say is later better than never!

Bad news is, this things is still new, and as usual, will take some time to be activated on all profiles, pages and groups!


Steps to post a GIF:

  • Visit any website that provides GIF such as Tumblr, Imgur or even Giphy (that was the main reason behind the failure of Facebook’s first attempt in posting GIFs).
  • Copy the sharable link of the GIF
  • Paste the link on your profile/page/group
  • Voila, you’ve got your GIF!

DO NOT SAVE THE GIF AND UPLOAD IT, this will not work.

Have a look at some newly tested Facebook GIFs from this Facebook group, be inspired and share with us your favorites!

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