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by admin, May 15, 2014

How Can Brands Use Snapchat?

After being considered the top non-game app globally back in May 2013, Snapchat, a picture sharing app that automatically deletes the photos you send seconds after the receiver opens them is one of app that brands should consider to include in their Social Media Strategy. Looking to dive into the world of Snapchat as a brand? Yes, we understand you since brands are still testing the waters with how, when and why they should take the plunge. If you are reading this, make sure to include these 3 most important questions to your strategy:


With all the statistics that you can export from your various accounts on the web such as Facebook and Twitter insights, make sure to read and analyze each and every one of them. Know where your audience is located and study their behavior. On another note, posting your updates should always be added to “My Story” section in order for your fellow snappers to see them. “My Story” updates remains viewable for 24 hours and then they’ll disappear. With its international quick growth and overwhelming popularity, Snapchat developers are updating the app regularly and “Rumor Has It” that they will introduce “Snapchat Ads” soon.


On average, people on Snapchat share more than 200 millions ‘snaps per’ day. With life expectancy of 10 seconds (max), brands must be satisfied to deliver what they want to grab the attention of their fans either with a simple promotion, quick coupon or any regular update. The question becomes: When do you blast out your content? It will vary:

  1. Be Timely: if you are pushing a secret offer or an announcement, it is very important to be time sensitive in your post strategy. If you are a coffee shop and giving away a free espresso shot with a every cookie purchase, make sure to post it the night before in order to drive more people to your barista in the morning.
  2. Be Sparse: Similar to any other social media platform, do not overwhelm your fans with excessive posting. else, they’ll run away from you. However, you should know that it is not necessary to snap everyday. Surprise your fans; if you ain’t an artist, hire one and let him/her expose their drawing talents as it is a fun and pledging tool to exploit on the app.


on Social Media, no two platforms are the same. You can tweet every 5 minutes but you can’t post on Facebook as the way you do on Twitter. Each platform has it own rules. If you are still experimenting on Snapchat, don’t lose hope; think outside the box and keep on surprising your fans. You Can Do It!


Finally, in the social media world, there are many ways for innovation. Understanding the behavior of your customers is a good way to surprise them. Snapchat has an immense of opportunity for brands to leverage a whole new world of users and it’s time for your brand to experiment it!


Where do you see Snapchat evolving for brands? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

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