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by admin, May 15, 2014

You’re the expert, rate this.

Page Name: Facebook for Business
Founded: February 2004
Likes: 9.48 Million

The page that does not “Walk the Talk”

Research is the basic ingredient for anyone wishing to know more. Starting from scratch, how would you know where to start your research from? Basically, from the experts!

To narrow things down, you are a fresh grad and want to dig more into this trendy online social media marketing, and more specifically Facebook. This leads you, natively, to Facebook’s pages to know more and ask for help on how to get started. Facebook does indeed offer such assistance like Facebook for Business and Facebook Help Center which pretty offers detailed information and helpful advice.


Let’s get started! The first thing is how to create a page, the structure and layout. This is easy, thanks to Facebook’s user friendly interface, step one is a piece of cake.

Done, now, how to post?

Facebook advises us as below:

FB_posting content - Copy


Great information, very useful. Now we go to the official Facebook page Facebook for Business to see their posts and learn from them. We see a total of 3 posts in May and 3 posts in June (not to go back to earlier months…)
Why wouldn’t they post more? Isn’t it their advice to post regularly? I’m pretty sure they have so many useful information they can share with businesses seeking Facebook to expand their presence and ROI. Why wouldn’t Facebook use their own creation to reach out to its customers, the page owners? That is failure number 1.

Second advice from Facebook is what to post:

FB advice

You’ll find it very beneficial using these types of posts because they actually drive engagement. If you refer back to Facebook for Business page you’ll notice that they have used these different types in their posts, though little in number, but they have demonstrated these types especially the “Questions”. Let’s take a moment and zoom into it.



Now, how can we respond to our fans’ questions? We go back to the page to check out how Facebook is responding to its fan base, because we want to learn from the best.
We dig into its recent 6 posts and find out that out of the total 102 comments received on its 6 posts, Facebook only replied 9 times!

To be fair, not all post types require a reply, mainly those with a complaint or question need a reply. Weird enough, more than 80% of these 102 comments are queries with negative feedback. Shouldn’t we reply? Definitely we should! But, maybe Facebook is too successful to reply to these tiny protests or too busy developing its business that it cares less about the complaining customers. That is failure number 2!

Here are some of the complaints:

FB_low reach FB complaints - Copy
























Should we continue with other failures like the low number of fan enFB_foundedgagement where 6 posts received a total of 251 likes, 33 shares and 102 comments which is too low for a page with 8.2 million likers.

Look at the number of likes at this image of the founders! Shouldn’t this be boosted just to prove the effectiveness of Facebook’s products?




customer complaint

We do realize that certain brands do not need advertisement nor do they need to “prove themselves”. Facebook might be one of those organizations who have it all without the need to exist on Facebook. But the least they should do is walk the talk. They provide pages to improve customer relationships between brands and their clients, why wouldn’t they be the leaders in showing how customers should actually be served?

Now how would you start your research if experts have proven to be less than what’s needed? You dig things out yourself, listen to different opinions, compare best and worst practices, and when trying to learn from the best, aim to be better.

Facebook for Business have proven to be less than Facebook’s advice and standards. If you were the expert, how would you rate it?

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